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Those who have worked with us or know us are proud to refer us with credibility and confidence.

Here are some testimonials from clients who have worked with our team over the years.

Super responsive, insightful, professional, every interaction with this firm added value to my business. The commercial advice exceeded my expectation, and we look forward to a long, successful relationship with this firm.

profile picture Tina Chugani

Tina Chugani

Managing Director - Proxis LLC

Worked with Crimson Legal on the essential documents for our online luxury travel agency SEANSES. Bianca and her team are amazing, they make it so easy while paying attention to every detail important for your type of business.

profile picture Karina Vitvytska

Karina Vitvytska

Director - SEANSES

There is a great sense of much-needed mentorship, clarity and reliability while working with Bianca.

profile picture Anshul Singhal

Anshul Singhal

Founder & CEO - Sentient Labs

My relationship with Bianca Gracias dates back to 2016. I can confidently and categorically state that over almost 7 years, I do not ever recall facing any delays or shortfalls; The firm consistently provides reliable service that instills the needed confidence and peace of mind.

profile picture

Ramzi Baroudy

Chief Executive Officer - CEO at IPC Middle East Africa & South Asia (SUBWAY®)

Bianca has a passion for entrepreneurship with purpose. Her expertise and experience in business law combined with excellent people skills makes her contribution a great value to any organization.

profile picture Ole Kristian Sivertsen

Ole Kristian Sivertsen

Chief Executive Officer - Desert Control Middle East

Bianca’s advice has been consistent and thorough and it has been a positive experience working with her. I will highly recommend working with her and her team for advice that is timely, professional and thorough.

profile picture Fadi Amoudi

Fadi Amoudi

Chief Executive Officer - IQ Fulfillment